If you want to successfully launch your own Token you need us by your side, because that's what we do best. Make the first step now and tell us about your goal.



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Launching an ICO or an STO requires a lot of preparation! We plan and develop together with You the best Strategies for an optimal  execution of your project.


We build everything needed for your success! You can choose between different templates or we develop everything from scratch to fulfill your custom demands. 


Crypto Projects are  subjected to many different forms of regulation. We find the best solution for you and setup everything according to the highest legal standards.


Without proper Marketing the best projects are doomed to fail! Our Marketing Campaigns attract the right people at the right time to get your project to the next level.


Because We deliver the smartest way to get your business on the blockchain!


Our Team has the knowledge and experience to make your project a great success. We build successful businesses from scratch for many years already. We are experts in the crypto market and train our customers to invest in high potential crypto projects. Within 1 Year our website has risen to one of the leading crypto-media-platforms in Germany with over 120.000 Visitors per Month. Our Network of over 10.000 potential investors is waiting to invest in your project.
While others may develop your projects well but struggle to bring investors and customers, we provide you a one-fits-all solution from bringing your idea on paper to an outstanding success.


You can decide between our "done for you" solution, where we do simply everything from a-z, and different minor "packages". You just want us to develop the technologic part and want to do the rest on your own? Consider the job done. Or do you have the techies on your end but want us to market your project? We are the right partner! You are not sure what is the best solution for you? Let's put our heads together and create the best action plan to write your success story.


We don't (just) talk, we get the work done!
Together with our customers we set milestones for different stages and simply achieve them. Our Team never runs out of steam. We get your idea off the ground. 

Our Network

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ICO Strategy

You have the idea and we give you the best execution plan. Together we create the best product to launch your ICO / STO.

White Paper

We bring your idea on paper. After discussing the details we write the whole white paper including all the technical parts.


We develop different Interfaces for you wether it's an admin panel or an investors dashboard - at the highest security standards.


There are many legal issues to conquer if you want to perform an ICO/STO. Let us handle it for you. We know exactly what to do.


Every ICO must have a KYC nowadays. We not only create the platform for the KYC procedure but also can conduct the whole process 


Tokenomics are one of the most important factors for investors. After analyzing over 100 different ICOs we know how to slice a pie best.

Smart Contracts

We develop smart contracts which automatically execute different tasks. Get your Business on the Blockchain 2.0.

Referral Program

You want to have a referral program for your investors and customers? We can build different types with as many levels you want.


We create your web presence and the whole content for your project that converts your visitors into buyers and investors. 

Investors Relations

We are well connected to many potential investors who are willing to invest in your project. Let's get your first seed funding round.


Our Marketing Campaigns are designed to attract the best audience for maximum outcome and to achieve your goals. 

Airdrops & Bounty

We setup and execute different Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns which push the  popularity of your project dramatically forward. 


Want to know how we work? Fasten your seat belt, your Rocket is launching in 5 steps! 

1. Idea + Strategy

Proper Planning is one of the most important tasks to make a project successful. That's the foundation on which everything else is build upon. Based on many years of experience we create with you the best execution plan for your project. We develop the ideas and plan every step which is needed to make your project a great success.

After the strategy is fixed and well planned you'll know exactly what, when and how we have to do the next move.

2. Concept + White Paper

After the strategy is set in stone we enter the next stage: Writing the white paper. Now all the Ideas have to get on paper. The technical realization as well as the business plan and tokenomics must not only be an easy read for investors but also must simply blow their minds! We help you creating the concepts and brining your story on paper. We have read hundreds of white papers – We know exactly how to convert readers into excited investors.

3. Development

The technical realization of your project is one of the biggest steps of your journey. We work with the best developer teams to get your ideas on the blockchain. We create your website, develop the admin panels, the investor dashboards and of course the smart contracts. 

4. Marketing

Marketing Campaigns need to be perfectly planned. Otherwise you are throwing money out of the window. Every stage need a specific type of marketing. We bring investors to the table for first private deals, create Airdrops and Bounty Campaigns to start a revolution.
With our marketing strategies we target exactly the right audience to convert every one dollar spent into Five dollars in you pocket.

5. Launch

This is probably the most exciting part for you: The Funding Rounds! Your project will go through different funding stages, from Private Sales to Pre-Sale Phases to the actual Token Sale. Every Stage must be well planned with different marketing strategies.
We walk you through each stage, help you through the KYC/AML processes and be on your side when you reach your funding target. 

Of course these different steps won't happen exactly one after another but will instead cross each other. We start for example with some marketing activities while the white paper is still in preparation etc.

You don't want the whole package?
No problem, we can customize every step as you wish and undertake only parts for you.


Sergej Heck

CEO / Investors Relations

Sergej is founder of many successful companies. He is an expert in online marketing and is well connected to many business angels and VCs.

Julia Bebber

PR / Social Media

Julia is responsible for PR campaigns and Social Media Management. She has great experience in getting out your message to the crowd. 

Michael Preissl

Blockchain Tech. / Analyst

Michael is a former IT-Specialist, crypto-expert and a successful trader. He advises companies how they can implement blockchain-technology in their system.