ICO / STO Strategy

You want to fundraise your ideas through an ICO or an STO but don't know how? You're at the right place! We help you realizing your visions and build with you your master plan.

Creating your Master Plan 

Everything starts with an idea. Our work is to get your ideas into shape.
But in order to create a masterpiece we have to develop a master plan first. Let's get startet!

Budget Planing

Sure, an ICO or STO can provide you much liquidity to realize your ideas. But you can't get something from nothing. We help you to budget your project properly. 


Every step, every new milestone has to be planned right. With us on your side you'll create your roadmap to success, first on paper and then in the real world.

Project Management

An ICO is not a small corporate event. Your Project needs to be managed well, otherwise things can go in the wrong direction pretty fast.

Token Concept

We help you to find answers to questions of the purpose, the benefits, the shape and the distribution of your token. 

Legal Requirements

We have to identify the right choices of how, when and where we perform the
ICO / STO in order to guarantee a smoothly process.


All the different parts of the project, like the technical development, legal and the marketing need guidelines in order to go hand in hand together. We prepare them.