ICO / STO Tech Dev.

We cover every technological aspect from writing the white paper through developing the platforms and smart contract to stress testing everything for an outstanding project launch.

Building your Masterpiece

The tech part is one of our favorites. Seeing all the ideas taking shape is something we love.
Let us and our tech partners develop your masterwork. See our different services below.

White Paper

Writing the White Paper is one of the most important parts in the whole process, because it's the link to your audience. We help you to write your masterpiece.

Platform Development

In order to successfully perform an ICO you need secure platforms for your customers and yourself. We build different admin panels and dashboards to guarantee that. 

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is the heart of your project. It's the connection to the blockchain. We provide different solution on different chains besides ethereum.

Investors Dashboard

We can customize secure dashboards for your investors and customers or you can use one of our different prebuilt themes.
It's up to you.


We build extraordinary websites which will catch your visitors' attention and convert them into satisfied investors. All our websites are fully responsive an all devices.

Stress Test

We test every tech part multiple times before the launch to assure you that everything goes smoothly and without any flaw.